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Some IRL problems have begun to take over my life. It all began last year when my mom and I got evicted from our home in November. We had 30 days to find a new place. Unfortunately, we could not find a new home. We rehomed 2 out of our 5 cats and my bird. Our 5th cat had to be put down because her kidney's were failing. The one male, Skimble was rehomed and gets along fine in his new family.

Cailey is not getting along with her new family. She is constantly fighting with my dad's kittens and the one male kitten Jay fights with her two. Cailey takes her aggression out on the female kitten and she sprays my dad's house. I am currently living with my dad about an hour away from my job.

Anya and Raven live with my mom and her "friend". Raven gets along okay with a boy kitten named Jasper at the house. However does not get along with the other two cats living there. Anya doesn't like anyone because shes a grumpy old cat. And Anya has begun to spray too. >.<

After living with my dad for 2 months it's gotten a bit rough. He's telling me that I need to find a new job because the one I currently work at; Discovery Cove as a Photographer/Videographer is not paying my bills. I've been with the company for 5 years and every Winter we shut down. When Spring hits around March my hours pick back up and I can my bills. I've scraped by these last 4 winters because I lived with my mom, I didn't have to travel 120 miles a day and she would help me out with some of my bills. My dad on the other hasn't. Only once has covered one half of my car payment.

Not that I blame him, I know I need to find a suitable job to pay my bills. He tells me he isn't trying to deviate me from my career path to being a trainer, but he tells me to find another job as a new career. Confusing right? So I've hit quite a slump and not sure what to do about it... I know things will be better as soon as my job hours pick up. And Hopefully by March or April my mom and I will have a place to live where we can get all our animals back.

So this is what I've been dealing with.. I'm sorry Dolphin Domain has been active, but as you can see I've got a lot on my plate. So, for now I will be closing Dolphin Domain. When will it open again? Who knows. I will need an active team to work with me to help me run it and right now I don't have it. But thank you, Potoo-Foolery for trying!
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OrkyDorky Featured By Owner Edited Nov 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
id really love to join :D but i have a few questions 1:are comics series allowed? im not much of a RP Person nor a  writer But can i make a comic series instead? 2:i  read all your rules i think i would make my whale a outsider with a friend :D But do you need sandollers to get 2? or can i just make them a pair ? Other then that id love to join when it reopens :D
(2 Replies)
weelf Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015

Is this still active? It's really interesting!
(1 Reply)
Hourglass-Dolphin Featured By Owner Edited Jul 14, 2015  Student General Artist
Can I please join? This looks like the coolest thing in the entire world!! I could scream from excitement! You get to role-play being a dolphin!!! I must be dreaming. :D :D :D

Edit: Okay, I really did scream. Aloud. :)

Second Edit: Oh, dear. I just realized that because I got so caught up in the excitement of sending in an application, I didn't even read what I was supposed to do to get in. So, here it is, and I hope that's okay. 

Character Account : hourglass-dolphin.deviantart.c…

Character Name: Sunny Ice

Account Name: Hourglass-Dolphin
(1 Reply)
jendeelinn Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
So WynBird told me to come here. So I did and I am glad I did!!! This is awesome! Not sure if I have seen a RP group like this! Totally joining! Going to work on a character right now! 
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xAcidicCanine Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes 
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